The Seventh Sense – CREATIVITY

Shiloh painting "Bliss"

Shiloh painting "Bliss"

Being Bountiful No Matter What

For a long time now, For too too long now

We have been listening to voices which are not our own

Listening to ideas of worth and value and usefulness

That are not who we are.

We have taken on the message we have been fed and sold

Not based in the beauty of humans, but – The profitability of our weaknesses.

Our weaknesses have been fed as data into machines


There is little space left

When all the media reams have run past our mind and heart

To consider the age old question of all beings:

Who am I And What do I want?

These are important questions – But –

They have also kept us in a certain track, locked in to who and what

What if there was another question that would

Transform those questions into answers? How about –

What shall I create? What shall I create? What shall I create?

If we answer this question with our lives

Who we are – identity and What we want – desire

Will be fulfilled with our very being – our creative being.

What if creativity was a sense, the seventh sense –

Seeing, Smelling, Tasting, Touching, Hearing, Intuition, and

CREATIVITY. I dare to think so.

We all have it. We all have the same amount to start with

But there is good good good news

We can make more. Creativity is a sense given us by Creator

Which requires use if it is to work.  Being visionary is not just a gift,

It is also something we practice, Aligning. aligning right and left brain,

Heart and mind. Body and soul. Calling and livelihood. Growth and Sustainability.

It requires practice. Committed, consistent, ongoing loving practice.

For a long time now,  For too too long now

We have been living lives which are not our own.

Today – this very moment – this self neglect can end.

The not listening to our soul song, and our joy – can end.

We are original already. Brilliant already. Now is time for action.

Today is the day – we choose to think our own thoughts.

To transform the inner voice of the critic, and empower the muse.

To make messages which encourage, honor and inspire.

To choose happiness no matter what

To practice creativity and personal personal peace

To create a passionate plan of action.

To be BOUNTIFUL during challenging times.

To be bountiful in our lives, regardless of circumstance.

Will you join me in a BOUNTIFUL revolution?

Then stand with me now! And when I say the word – BOUNTIFUL

Let us all shout our prayers to the sky – letting the world know


Shiloh Sophia McCloud ©2009

Gratitude for What Is By Shiloh Sophia McCloud ©2009