A Prayer Request: When Hard Times Come To Town

“Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit” Ephesians 6:18

Call Her Blessed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Call Her Blessed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

A Prayer Request:

When Hard Times Come to Town

When we cannot see the way through

Give us the courage to continue in faith

When hard times come to our family

Let us gather strength enough to lead

When those around us are falling

Show us the way to stand supportive ground

When we have lost what we have worked for

Cause us to consider there is another way to see it

When we are all wrapped up in our own story

Direct our gaze towards the suffering of others

When we have made despair our outlook

Shake us from that sleep and give us hopeful eyes

When we have called the whole world a bad place

Let us see the beauty in creation, and rejoice in You.

When we have judged others, and ourselves too harshly

Remind us that healing is found in forgiveness

When we think we have no time to think, to pray, to seek.

Halt our steps. Redirect our path to lead towards You.

We may think that because so much is going awry

And hard times have come to town,

That You are not here.

Though we know your ways are not our ways.

Still, we are tempted to think we are alone.

Thinking this only encourages our havoc.

When we stop believing that your Grace is with us

Fill our hearts with your love. Fill us with your grace.

And if needed, bring us, crying out, to our knees, in prayer,

the only place that gives us the wherewithal to listen for your reply.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud ©2009 October 8, 2009 Grandmother Eden’s Birthday

“If you cannot pray a real prayer, pray a dry mouthed prayer, God accepts counterfeit money as though it were real.” Rumi

Today is Grandmother Eden’s birthday. She is gone now, and I think of her every day. I put a blue candle in front of her picture and put her on the altar in front of my mother’s painting of me. Since she, the oldest living Cosmic Cowgirl has gone to the great rancho in the sky to knit intricate lace thread shawls in pale blue for the Lady Saints Sweet Potatoe Society, she is with me every second. She is like the particles of air now. Ever present. Necessary.

I breathe my grandmothers. Since my grandmothers left for glory, they left their scent of lilac and lily in the air about me so that I might breathe their fragrance in particles every second. I live in my grandmother’s gardens.