Creative Culture: Strategies for Keeping the Spark lit at Work


making it work

I have an amazing group of women surrounding me who continue to encourage, inspire, lead and perform miracles at our workplace. I love coming to work, and knowing we are going to be together. No matter how tired we are or how hard the task – we are having a pretty good time and feeling amazed to GET to work together.

The following is a list in process of some of the things we do, and want to do – to keep the SPARK lit!


Call brainstorm/heartstorm times where you all working on something important to you – but individually.

Call brainstorm/heartstorm circles where each person is invited to share a “dream project”.

Work on a project together that isn’t based on profit, but on common goals/values/visions.

Work on a project together that is based on profitability, design it as a game, in a way that each person benefits from their input.

Work together to create a “culture” that is supportive of humans: not having computers open during meetings when someone else is talking, greeting eachother each day – even if ti means getting up from a project to do so.

Create vision sessions, where someone leads a creative visualization around a specific project, and see what comes up.

Encourage plan for cycles of time where each team member does not get e-mails or work calls, say for 3 days at a time.

Create times of eating together, where each person takes a turn at providing meals, sharing their favorite foods.

Create spontaneous field trips. Close for lunch and go on an adventure within 5 blocks of your office.

Choose to end work an hour early – bring wine, turn on music and see what happens.

Work to make sure each person has tools/creative options to work with.

Create opportunities for  people to share wisdoms/stories.

Start a team journal of “Great Ideas”

Create acknowledgement experiences to review successes and challenges every month at least.

Make work related gift giving a part of the culture, even small things like hot pink post its, pens, customized mugs, nice paper, a chair cushion or mouse pad can make things more fun.

Choose to generate beings “sparkly” for eachother, don’t wait for the other person to sparkle first.

Institute a question/thought/intention for the day, post it on a visible board.

Create learning opportunities to share knowledge, the photoshop person teaches the video person and vice versa even for 15 minutes. Accomplishes more breadth of knowledge, as well as the opportunity to show off smarts.

Make decisions that uplift the good things that are going on, not punish the the things not going so good.

Have a team Altar, where folks bring in something to share: a photo or object or favorite quote typed out.

Have focus groups where each person share why they are there and how this position furthers their own personal/professional goals.

Make it a point to know what the goals/vision/dreams are of the other team members, and look for ways to deliver on that in the current structure.

Do not allow structure that is not working, to continue to rule just because that is how it is done in the past – adjust as business requires.

Encourage creative titles for positions, even work on an on-going more creative position description.

Create a flex window for “not being late” by offering a 1/2 window at each meeting – and the folks who get their early have  a chance to work on a “passion project”

Create passion project opportunities, so that each person has a passion project, and their in between spaces, they always have that to turn to  – work on – share about – and to feel good about in their work life. If each person is working on something important to them – they will feel more empowered.

This is in process…