Presence of Peace: An Audience With Our Lady

Presence of Peace by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Presence of Peace by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Presence of Peace: An Audience With Our Lady

How can we be at peace, when the world is at war?

Be Peaceful within yourself.

How can we learn, when there are so many lies told?

Learn to think for yourself.

How can our hearts be healed, when so many are broken?

All of us have broken hearts, be healing for each other.

How can we live abundantly, when so many are hungry?

Be joyful in abundant times, and share your abundance with others.

How can we just go on with life, as everything is ok, when it so clearly, isn’t?

You must move through your life, being as well as you can, as you can.

How can we make change, when so many forces stand against progress?

Your life is the progress – stand for what is important with courage.

Is happiness even possible with all of this madness?

Happiness is possible, but it is not a constant. Love is a constant.

Are we to have both then? Joy and sorrow? Bounty and scarcity?

Progress and injustice? Love and hate?

Haven’t you managed to live with both so far? Yes, you have.

Part of the trouble is being mad that things are not different than they are.

What if you both accepted what is, while reaching towards your visions

for what is possible. Then you can really wake to something worthwhile.

Being a part of something, you really care for, helps with all of this pain.

Why don’t you DO SOMETHING? You can right? Why don’t you make us change?

My speaking to you is what it looks like. You think sometimes I am not here,

working amongst the wild flowers and the rubble.

You have no idea, no idea what it would be like if I were not with you.

Asking questions of me is a part of our relationship, and it is also

how I work through you to bring medicine. Do you doubt this? No, you don’t.

What about when I am despairing, and have lost hope, and I cannot feel you?

Hear you? Sometimes it seems you are here, and other times I feel so alone.

Any time you call upon the presence of peace with yourself,

I am here with you. I will meet you there in your stillness and longing.

I will also be with you through all the other calls of anger and desperation.

You just might not feel I am. But, I am. We are. Outrageous trust is called for.

What about when people die needlessly? Or those who harm others?

Why are the bad ones allowed to live, and even prosper when we are so – struggling?

There is a system, my darling, set up before linear time, of reaping and

sowing. You don’t know how it works, but you think you do. You don’t. It is

not in your time, and not according to your ideas. But it is in place and it shall

come to pass. This may be hard for you to hear, but how God handles the bad

seeds is none of your business. And still, you must continue to work towards

the good. And, you might try compassion. It may well be the best emotion we

have for learning to navigate these challenges.

You want me to have compassion, to Love the bad guys? Great. Just great.

Your original question was: How can we be at peace, yes?

I have told you. And still you do not believe me. How then is change possible?

Why don’t you just try it? Like you tried today, calling on me?

As you all are so fond of saying: What have you got to lose?

So much of this creation, little one, is set up to work with how

you approach your lives. What you allow yourself to think,

and what stories you choose to cultivate. And the stories you make

about the stories to hold yourself, and others captives. If you all would

stop, just this part, the whole world would be different overnight.

You are the miracles in your midst.

Now I have a question for you:

Why do you think it is that you continue to repeat the old stories both in

real life, and in your own mind? Over and over you replay the same ones,

torturing yourself. Why is that?

We don’t believe that healing is real. So we default to disbelief and then, blame you?

With that, she folded me in her shimmering blue mantle and I went to sleep in her arms.

When I woke up, the presence of peace was with me. And I decided to practice the presence of peace, wherever, whenever I could.

Disclaimer: This writing is a creative dreaming, not intended to suggest these are actually the words of Our Lady. Both voices are characters in an invented conversation which is an attempt to explore, the Presence of Peace.

©2009 Shiloh Sophia McCloud