Manifestation Altar – An Art Project for Focusing on Your VISION

Practice Peace by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Practice Peace by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Manifestation Altar – Creating a WORK of ART to represent your VISION

What do you want to call into your life at this time? This can be personal or professional or both put together to equal one glorious life! This is not about excess, but what you really want and need, for right now. This is really simple stuff, but sometimes we need some encouragement along the way. I am not sharing anything you don’t know – but I hope it sparks you to create a new creation or altar towards what you need in your life right now.

Let your manifestation not just be about getting, but about giving.What are you here to offer? What gives you joy when you share it?

Write a personal declaration about manifesting the abundance to create your work. This is a space to create in language what you are up to in terms of manifesting – and abundance You can also just make a list or description of what it would look like if it was already in place. Come from HAVING and from JOY! What are your beliefs about manifestation? Notice where you might be blocking yourself with limiting beliefs!  Explore the fullness of your ideas!

Taking action is one of the most essential parts of realizing or manifesting a Vision. If we do not take action our project remains an idea. An action can take many forms: an action plan, a drawing, a mission statement, a luncheon with someone who can assist, building a model, a business card, a web-presence, attending a workshop, planning an event, joining a club, opening a bank account, calling a circle, hiring a coach, creating a space in which to work, buying a binder, setting up a desk, creating a recording, making a collage, a vision board, a manifestation altar or collage, painting it, singing it, praying about it, enrolling others in it, putting it on your computer, starting a blog even if it is just for you, posting affirmations on your mirror, getting friends to remind you of it, calling people who are doing it, volunteering where it is happening, getting in the presence of it somehow. Practice believing in yourself and your project. Walk about it. Dream about it. Make up names for it. If you are a prayer person, pray, if you are a meditation person, meditate, if you are a wish upon a star person, wish and wish and wish. If you are a ‘mostly intellect’ person, think on! As it is all very much about our thinking. If you are a chef, cook it in your soups, if you exercise, move it! FOCUS on it! To create with good intention, can be an act of personal and collective abundance.

Let love be at the center of all your choices! ~ Shiloh


Surface: Canvas or piece of wood (gessoed) – do not use anything flimsy. Get big if you can, 24 inches at least.
Components: Magazines, greeting cards, picture books, YES paste, Modge Podge, paint brushes, pens, paint, glitter, varnish/gloss medium, ribbon, charms, photos of you. I would like you to go shopping and if you are able, be willing to spend $100 for your materials. Purchase magazines that have things in them that you like, at least 5 or six. Get paint and brushes and glitter. Buy yourself some greeting cards with images you want to see on your altar. And if you don’t have resources – just use what you have and make it work!

For the text – type ideas/affirmations out in nice font and paper on your computer – make up your own sayings or pick your favorite quotes. Hand-write on separate pieces of paper the phrases you want in there, use decorative lettering. Use letters and words from magazines to create.

State your intention for the board. Write it out first on the next page as if it has occurred.
Paint a background color – bright, light or dark so there is contrast with the stuff you are putting on the board. Paint a decorative frame or border to put it all in context – flowers, designs, leaves. Put a coat of gloss medium.

As medium dries, begin to collect and cut out images, don’t use too many squares, cut around the image – organize the images and phrases into groups of your choosing: examples: health, wealth, relationship, business, friendship, alliances, travel, personal development, goals, creativity, transformation, success, projects, dreams fulfilled.

Organize the groups on the canvas to get a basic idea of layout and order, leave some space so it is not so busy that it is overwhelming. Include nature and symbols sprinkled throughout. Begin to glue – use a paint brush and coat the back. You can use some water to thin YES paste but if it is too watery it will warp. Layer the images so they are related to each other – design it – so it holds together as beautiful to your eye.

Use selective glitter, put varnish in specific places where you want glitter. You can add other things like rhinestones, buttons, milagros, jewelry, other treasures. You can sew through the canvas with a needle and thread.
Name your altar at the end – but ask yourself all along what the name will be – leave grand space at the top with arches and decor – like a movie theatre marque. I suggest painting it – but practice first and you will need a liner brush. Otherwise, type it out. Use nice thick paper or card stock.

When you are all finished – you can varnish it to seal it. Use a big not stiff brush and layer it on – you will have to tilt it to make sure it is being covered. Then using white or gold paint, embellish the whole thing – the outline of images, words, borders, add stars, spirals. Hang it in a place where you see it daily. Hang it right on the wall, or staple a ribbon for a French style, or put it on your desk/dresser. Visualize having your life match the canvas.

Change and update it as needed! Put a candle in front of it, drape a scarf around it, put a prayer bowl in front of it!

 Stand it front and FOCUS – SEE what you want to create in your mind. Feel love for you and others!

Click on the image to see more of my work.

Click on the image to see more of my work.


Heart of the Visionary - A Workbook for Women's Work

Heart of the Visionary - A Workbook for Women's Work

This is taken from

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