This Is My Feminism: That I Think The Thoughts That I Want To Think


Shiloh Sophia and Norma Jeanne gettin' down to Emmylou Harris

Living Journal

This is my feminism.

That I might think the thoughts which I would like to think.

Free from the frames of thinking which I have taken on.

Conscious or unconscious.

To have a free thought in which my own mind is Queen.

How might we disentangle ourselves from concepts brought about by an enforced consumer driven construct?

What is the method through which we unveil the thoughts that bind, that we do not even know are there?

How did they get there?

Is there a “field” in which the “bad thoughts” are being promoted?

Some force not seen by the human eye which constantly strives to hold us captive,

and then make us think, we are the ones doing it? Or even worse,

that we want what they are selling us? Our thoughts are ruthless captors.

Our job is to break out of this prison of thought.

So that feeling might direct our thoughts instead of systems.

The guards are held in place by history, ours and our Americas.

Their guard name badges read: shame, guilt, regret, failure, greed and losw (aka lack of self worth),

Fire them at once.

Imagine their rockus tyranny being dismantled by their foes:

self medicine named: truth, forgiveness , acceptance, context, abundance ands love.

See your thoughts like a million white birds being released into sunlight.

See it in your mind. Use image to see self medicine in action.

Tenderness is called for. For you. For me. For everything.

Then your job becomes to remember you have done the work of setting yourself free.

Too easily we forget our vows of forgiveness to ourselves and the Divine.

Remember you have done the work.

The Empire’s guards are working just as hard to put the thoughts back.

So don’t forget that you are the one who holds the key.

Don’t forget. And when they come and try to force enter – Don’t let them.

Fight with your shield of love and wisdom.

Don’t let the thoughts back in which seek to settle there and build condominiums for their offspring:

violence, anger and despair.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it is safe, but don’t be run by fear either.

Just choose to buy organic tomatoes from your local farmer whenever possible.

And every chance you get, support and become counter culture. And things like that.

There is an American Dream, and it isn’t the stuff they have been selling.

Redefining the American Dream for myself:

We are privileged enough to be in a place and space in time where choosing to think our own thoughts,

and live our own lives

is a consideration. to see art to see workshops

“We have learned America” Ani DiFranco