Prayer To Our Lady of Blackberry Pie — A Plea for the Sacred Honeybee

Eye on Humanity

Eye on Humanity

Prayer To Our Lady of Blackberry Pie:

A Plea for the Honeybee

Queen of Honeybees
Lady of the White Dove
Branch laden with ripe fruit
Deliverer from heavy woe
Sender of the cheer of comfort
Sunlight lighting the soul
Breast of sweet milk
Bringer of the Morning Star
Our Lady of the Red Thread
Our Lady fo the Red Rose

Open  Open  Open
Mine eyes that I might see the way
Our eyes that we might see the way
through to the other side of
poisoned fields, unholy water and honeyless hives

Mother of the true vine
Mother of the way
Mother of the way through

Impossible (seemingly) tasks lay before
your children of red earth
your children who eat the honey and drink the milk
your children who call for help in night
in the presence of foes
are offering unholy food as if it is good to eat.
(it is not but we are hungry and give in)

Lady of Humankind and all good solutions

Reveal Reveal Reveal

a way to save our earth, Oh, Virgin de Papaya
our rivers  our turnips our tomatoes
our potatoes  our raspberries our apples
peaches, pomegranites, basil, thyme, maple syrup and bay
orchid, clover, nasturtium, lily of the valley

Our Lady of Blackberrie Pie

I know you see everything
every effort and every effort thwarted
I call on your name now
Our Lady of Blackberry Pie
Just think of things like Blackberry Pie becoming extinct
(And us being fed false colored berries with red #9. Sigh. Shudder)

Please don your garment of justice
please now
I know you know…but….
For those who do not know and those who want to know:

Just ask the Queen Bee what is happening to her hives
Just ask the Mama Whale what is happening to her sea
Just ask the Empress Butterfly what has happened to her cocoons
Just as the Mama Frog what has happened to her shimmering legs
Just ask the Princess Salamander how far from home she has had to travel
Just ask the wolf, La Loba, what has happened to her wooded trail
Just ask the Salmon Mother why her children cannot make it up the river

The extinct ancestors of the Rain Forest have sent messengers back to us
but so few are listening to the messages
but those who are
are taking courage
those who are
are calling for justice.
Lady of Justice, don’t wait for the time when the blackberries are gone
and the bumble bees have all gone to slumber – grant us passage through
this matrix not made of the mother matter
but other matters of money, money
who has no other mother than man and woman
and how we have chosen to raise it.

Honeycombs without honey haunt our collective dreams.

Some seek to turn our tragedy  into profit –
those are the selfsame who caused the problem
others are looking for the prophet, someone with answers.
We shall not give out, give up or give in
Oh Holy Lady
but this day,
this morning with honey in my coffee,
and bees buzzing around my bare feet in wet grass
I found a four leaf clover, my first
and then I found another, my second
and then I found another, my third
Knowing that you are the Mother of Clover and
Feeling lucky enough, I stopped looking
and came to you in prayer
with this my plea for the sacred honeybee.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

© 2009

August 9, 2009

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