Painting is a Circular Process – A Message From The Art Doctor

Painting is a circular process.

Going round and round and round.

It does not stop end cut blank or balk or blame.

It keeps going even when you are not painting it. Really.

The energy is moving and the paint is becoming itself.

The symbols are breathing and living a life.

Painting is not linear in nature, it swirls and rounds and comes around again, layer after layer.

There is no real mistake or re-do or cover up.

Even something covered up was a message that is now encoded into the painting.

All of this ADDS to the process so do not think because you are taking time away from designing,

to cover something, that you are somehow wasting time. No.

Never wasting time.

Even the perfectionist is not wasting her time, cleaning every line. No.

All of it is good.

But remember that it is good and you are good while you are painting – put that goodness into the painting.

Put the palm of your hand upon the painting. Feel the mystery.

You may think you are painting in circles because you are

but this is not like being lost and going in circles

because the truth is there is no where to go to so don’t rush it, hush it or shush it where it calls you in,

particle by particle, listen to it put your ear up close to each things that calls.

That wing, that curve, that drop, that petal or bumble bee wing has a story encoded.

Color is not just color, it is not just paint it is from the earth – it is all made of rock and earth and sand and star –

it is not artificial at all at it’s core.

Let the painting carry you across the abyss or fall in and look around while you are down there.

There is so much to see! So much to paint! So many designs everywhere.

Your painting is a prayer to the world for the world from the world.

Always connect with your intention when you put that paint to brush.

CONNECT with her, with you, with the woman in the canvas who lives not in the canvas but in your soul.

Shiloh Illustration

This message has been brought to you by: The Art Doctor

This was inspired by questions from my students in Leading A Legendary Life on-line course.