A Prayer: Lady, You Shine The Light

Meditating on The Joyful Mysteries

A Prayer:

Lady, You Shine The Light

You shine the light
on the unseen places.
The unhealed places.
The old story places.

The edge of my mind
covered over by thoughts
I picked up on a side street.
Your light shines and reveals
Darling, you don’t need that thought any longer.
Let it go.

The lines of my body
shrouded over by others images
I picked up long ago on a random magazine stand.
Your light shines and reveals.
Darling, you don’t need anyone else images.
Let them go.

The parameters of my soul
sometimes threatened by too much to do
in a drive I create myself, to succeed by XX day.
Your light shines and reveals.
Darling, you don’t need to do all of that.
Let some of it go.

The depths of my projects and causes
overwhelm my heart with sorrow
the stories of the world weigh me down with grief
Your light shines and reveals.
Darling, you don’t need to take on the world.

Don’t you remember why My Son came?
Don’t you remember, it is not you, who saves?
Don’t you remember, you are held even when you don’t feel held?
Why don’t you lay down some of your “too many things”
and let My Son and I shed some light on the subject?

Thank you Lady, for shining the light.
Thank you…Amen

“My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Jesus
“My soul magnifies the Lord.” Mary

July 19, 2009 – Early Sunday Morning after coffee with Sue at the Flying Goat. Church bells ring, but I have to go to work at the gallery. But wait, there is time for a medicine poem. Wait, there is time to pray.
And wait, there are 15 minutes left after writing, to add a rose to the mantle of her garment on that painting sitting on the easel with the light shining on it.

Mary Magdalene and St. Seraphim Day
Cosmic Cowgirls Studio