Nuestra Senora de Chocolata – 10 Questions

The Divine Contact Series

10  Questions for Our Lady of Chocolate : Nuestra Señora de Chocolata

? Question 1 of 10:  The map we are using to find home again seems hard to understand, we cannot seem to agree on a specific course, is there a way you could “fed ex” us one in a language we all can all understand?
p.s. I am grateful for: chocolate. blue birds. breast milk for babies.

? Question 2 of 10:  There seems to be some confusion around here about how peace and suffering exist side by side and what we are supposed to do about it. How to live with the paradox. Can you send us a “how-to” e-mail on this?
p.s. I am grateful for: chocolate. cherry blossoms. red cowgirl boots.

? Question 3 of 10:  Lately, we have been fighting about things for which there appears to be no real solution – if you could prepare a “webinar” about
how to heal from this kind of insanity – we would really appreciate it.
p.s. I am grateful for chocolate. pomegranates. the color red.

? Question 4 of 10:  I am sure you have noticed – because you see everything, but our spaceship earth is not being treated right – can you make everyone, somehow, agree to uphold the “instruction manual”?
p.s. I am grateful for: chocolate. wild horses. the sound of laughter.

? Question 5 of 10:  Here is something that really perplexes us, since there is enough food for everyone, literally, why are some going people going hungry?
Is there any recipe you can “text” us that will solve this mystery?
p.s. I am grateful for: chocolate. friendship. a good cup of coffee.

? Question 6 of 10:  We know that Love is what makes the world go around, and yet we spend so much time on so many other things – maybe if you started a Love “blog” and posted a time release “to do” list we could remember better.
p.s. I am grateful for: chocolate. love songs. the feel of a real hug.

? Question 7 of 10:  Is there a chance, that if we really get our act together, we can have world peace, and resources for all, while still maintaining uniqueness and independence? If so, can you send a global “memo” with action steps?
p.s.  I am grateful for: chocolate. Jesus. the ability to make art.

? Question 8 of 10:  There has been a gradual devaluing of really important things like art, music, dance and play, and it clearly is having dramatic results on our people, could you have a “website” set up promoting the importance of these?
p.s. I  am grateful for: chocolate. glitter. the smell of roses.

? Question 9 of 10:  We have a hard time making changes even when we know what we need to do, for our health, finances, relationships – we just keep making the same bad choices. Could we schedule a free humanity wide “tele-course?”
p.s.  I am grateful for: chocolate. sunshine. the sound of my lover’s voice.

? Question 10 of 10:  We seem to miss the point a lot, about what each one of us is supposed to be doing – like, following our destiny or answering our call, or believing we are good enough. Can you send ‘go forwards’ via “air mail”?
p.s.  I am grateful for: chocolate. cosmic community. your compassion.

Thank you for your time, consideration and compassion.

Your Daughter,