On A Wing and A Dream

On A Wing and A Dream by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

On A Wing and A Dream by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Today is June 19, and it is officially, my 39th birthday! In honor of another year passing and another year being born, I released a new book, a collection of my writings from my blog and newsletter and journals!  Here is a little something from the book, and below that is an excerpt from the Introduction. The book is 100 pages and the first 100 copies will be signed and numbered!  Blessings to anyone who happens to read this in this moment. My prayer is with you – thank YOU too for being born…

Here is a link if you want to learn more, or get yourself a copy!

Everyone has a dream to live.
Everyone has
a story to tell
a song to sing
a dance to dance
a poem to share
a healing journey
a medicinal remedy
a love story
a teaching to offer
a mountain moved
a gift of wild wisdom
a plan of action
a desire to express
a painting to paint
a vision to live
a legend to unfold

Excerpt from the Introduction:

Dear Reader
This book is a sudden and random attempt at reaching some of my own fulfillment. Like most visionaries I know, we are busy making stuff happen, then busier still keeping it afloat once it is happening. Such is the life of a creative being – continually in pursuit of her dream.
That being said you should know that I started the compilation of this here little ditty a few hours ago. I felt so desperate to do something that I wanted to do – that was not already due, or in the works or that resulted in the paying of the rent. Something that was just for me – whenever I think that thought, it comes down to writing and paintings and bringing things already created into the next incarnation.
So I went through my writings and came up with a few jewels I feel are worthy to share and take up space on a page. Every step of the way I thought about my mother asking me why I did not let her edit this first –but that is because I want to do it now. Today. It is Mother’s day and I have dedicated myself, the first half to all the other mothers, now for the second half it is for me, a mother to be.
I profoundly wish to have children, that part of my dream is yet to be fulfilled. And so my words and images have been the place where I have put my nurturing mothering energy. So I honored myself as a mother of creations today and this is what resulted.

I want you to know, that overall, I am indeed living my dream, and that is why I feel I can encourage you! And, most of all I have fulfillment in the middle of chaos. That is how I know it is possible. It is not about stuff, but it is about people and about beauty. About finding it in the places where it can be found, however fleeting. Fulfillment can be a total state, and I have heard of some folks who claim that – but for me, it is temporary and recurring, like a beautiful sunset. You know you will see another one, one day, you just aren’t sure when, but you have a surety that indeed, your eyes will behold that majesty. Fulfillment is like that, it will come and go and bless your world. The thing is, the more fulfillment experiences we have, the more our life is made up of them, and it can become a predominant experience.