The Awakened Heart

all_choicesAn awakened heart happens
when a person is awakened
through compassion to an awareness
of the collective beauty and suffering
of the world soul.
The people that compose that world soul,
which is all of us,
then become a part of the visionary landscape
of our individual experience,
therefore informing how our love manifests
in the world.
We are now called to a way of being
that includes the lives
of not just our immediate circle,
but the greater circle of the whole world.
This experience contains within it
the absolute bliss of connectivity,
and the crushing pain of our separation
from one another and from the Divine.
To remain awakened to it
and receive the gifts that come
from this kind of profound caring,
one must act on behalf of other lives,
somehow working to relieve
even a small part of the suffering.
This is not so that someone
can be a good and holy person,
but rather so we can awaken
to what is happening in the heart of the world.
And awaken our own heart.