A Visitation by My LIFE MISSION Angel, Einstein and the Self Respect Revolution

Delicious Determination By Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Delicious Determination By Shiloh Sophia McCloud

”I know perfectly well that I myself have no special talents,” he wrote. ”It was curiosity, obsession, and sheer perseverance that brought me to my ideas.” Albert Einstein

I have been making art for 15 years now. There is a substance behind what I am doing – my mission. My actual inspiration. My big dream. I used to talk about it more way back when I called myself a radical feminist. Time softens our fire, but does not put it out. It keeps growing if it is your true fire. Your reason for living fire.

Many years ago, when my art was first born, it was activated by my love for women and men and children, and my desire to see them fed, safe, and warm. And, in a place of self honor. I know that when we insult our soul with our barage of self and other imposed negation we cannot be fully well no matter what religion we choose.

My vision then, is the same as now, though I don’t say it out loud all the time. I am working towards a paradigm shift of grand proportion. Nothing less than world peace. Human self respect. Self honor. Self expression. Dignity. The revolutionary in me does not always know how to work on this…my art, businesses and teachings about creativity and legend are offerings onto the altar of the Self Respect Revolution.  If we have respect for ourselves, we can have respect for others. And I dare say, world peace would become popular by proxy of this way of being. I am talking about human dignity as the standard of life. If we do not have that. What, dear God, do we have?

I want to define what it would look like, in real life and time, if the Self Respect Revolution was won. My focus has been women. But not because I don’t love men. But because women are the mothers, and women continue to be the most oppressed in whatever nation or religion you choose to consider. Even the places where the feminine is honored as DIVINE, and has a part in the GOD HEAD women are treated as less than second class citizens. How can the sons and daughters be raised with self respect if the mother does not view herself of worthy of love? If women are loved and loving, their children will follow her and her children become the fathers and mothers of the future.

My first big awakening was inspired by waking up to the status of women and girls in the world. Porn. Prostitution. Violence. And the long list of the saddest thoughts we can  have about that. My art came out of that – midwifed by the suffering of others that took up residence in my poet’s soul. From feeling their pain, which I believe the Holy Mother brought to my beingness so I could become who I was supposed to be, I have lived my life as a Minister.

And so, my Life Mission would be fulfilled in big part by the following kinds of social transformations: violence against women and girls in the form of media would no longer be tolerated. self respect for women and girls would be the standard. magazines would no longer “promote” the skinny as the best. movies would not subjugate women unless it was to demonstrate the horror of the past. the feminine Divine would be a part of the global conversation and on from there…

“We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the oppressed. Sometimes we must interfere. . . There is so much injustice and suffering crying out for our attention . . . writers and poets, prisoners in so many lands governed by the left and by the right.” Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech, 1986, Oslo.

At the cafe between tomorrow and today, my Life Mission Angel visited me through the words of my husband, sharing the words of Einstein. According to Albert Einstein, Genius is: “Nothing more and nothing less than the ability to take an infinite number of pains an infinite number of times.”

I feel my revolutionary blood beginning to burn, to churn and to yearn and awaken in a way that I have not felt for many moons. I feel alive today.

Finishing our coffee, now hours later, we shall now proceed out to the the patio for a second round of life transforming conversation, and begin to drink beer in the sun. Change happens around the table.