Legendary People Are Everywhere

Legendary people are everywhere.

Not all of them think of their life that way.

All of us are living out an amazing story.

Sometimes, the bad stories keep infecting

the good stories and we find it hard to

have a sense of wholeness because of that.

We can become fragmented by holding

everything that has happened before,

it weighs on us and pokes us in the eye.

No closet is big enough and our heart

is no where to store bad stories.

Good stories, the ones we invent, and love,

the ones we want to keep and continue

are the substance of miracles.

Good stories are powerful enough to

transform bad stories into something,

well, useful. But this takes making a

decision, “I shall make use of all my

tragedy and put it to work on my

behalf”  you might find yourself saying

when you are ready to.  If

we can recognize that most truly

interesting people

also had a challenging childhood

also hurt someone important

also took what did not belong to them

also still need to say I am sorry more

also don’t have it all figured out

also have dark secrets

also live next door and in the sanctuary

and at the grocery store and all the

places we go, then we can feel less alone.

We are not the only loser in the crowd.

And so, what can we do with all this loss?

First of all recognize, how much space it is

taking up. Get out your measuring stick

you use to cut yourself down, and see,

is it 50% 80% 99% or 20%?

Whatever your figures, I can bet

it is taking up too much space.

Good stories need room to grow.

Give them air and light and love

and they, like magic, will put the

bad stories into a useful context.

Your life is a living witness to this.

Legendary people are everywhere.

And you are one of them.Passionate_Soul