What is the Next Movement?

What is the Next Movement?

“Leaning into the edges” are the words I keep hearing in my mind as I move through my day.  A willingness to be uncomfortable. To go beyond the zone where all is well and be present inside the zone of what the______is going on here? Who we need to show up as being is shifting.  We are learning to navigate this rough terrain with a grace, which sometimes we weren’t even sure we had available to us.
I have begun to wonder, what the next “movement” in art is. I am grateful to modern art, although it has had some serious implications, and a whole bunch of blessings.  There are some “movements” swirling around, like outsider art and others of mention, including sacred art, but I feel we are yet to really BE in the next art movement. I guess I should speak for myself, I am yet to feel I am really in the next art movement.  I wonder what impact things like Facebook and Twitter and Ning (which I am not critisizing) will have on art overall. Who are we becoming as a result of how our brains are being shaped. Since novels are being twittered out one line at a time, our brains are beginning to think in these little sprints of consciousness, and learning to integrate it into whatever it is we are doing in the moment without missing a beat. I remember my mother and grandmother saying, Don’t talk to me now, I can only do one thing at s time. Or don’t talk to me when I am getting ready, or what till I am finished with this then we can talk about that. I hardly ever say anything of the sort because my brain is moving across multiple river beds at one time, tracking most of what is going on, and losing a few stitches along the way. Things just, well, drop off the edge of the river bed and are never to be found. This did not happen to me as much before. There is so much DATA coming in, and in my case, with painting, writing and teaching disciplines. so much PRODUCT coming out. I know product is not a pretty word, but I kind of like it, like the root of PRODUCTION, which is the active form of making something happen. And productivity, our previous buzz word from how many moons ago! I used to work at a computer training place in the San Francisco, called Productivity Point.  Since, that time, the ways the computer movement have shifted is mind altering. And I wonder, what the correlation is to art?
Certainly there has been an art explosion, where folks are popping up as artists everywhere! And I say, HOORAYYY! This pattern of new artists all the time is counter balancing our technological pattern so that our hands continue to move in organic shapes like on guitar strings and paint brushes and our feet continue to move like in dancing and yoga. Our connection with TOUCH is ever more relevant as we disconnect from the facebook of face to face and enter the Facebook of virtual friendship. It seems odd to call someone a “friend” that I hardly know, but whose work I appreciate. On Facebook friends that I have grown up with and known since I was five are sitting right there next to my neice in another state, and someone who wanted to be my friend because they like hearing what I am up to, but it is all under the title FRIENDS.  And there seems to be this unspoken call to ADD friends so our list grows. This is strange. Yet I feel happy when my friend number goes up.  I was never the popular girl, but I always had plentry of friends so I am curious about why adding friends is something people want to do – and I am fascinated how people are interested in hearing the mundane of each persons life, from food and sex to drugs and rock and roll. It is the virtual salon of this century, only we are not sharing a glass of wine together, nor are we discussing poetry while hearing the voice of the poet – live. Now, all of these musings
are about my inquiry into how our brains are being shaped. How our identity is being shifted. What the impact is one being SO connected, and yet not as connected.
In my workshops, one of the wonderful things that happens is CONNECTION. The face to face is so precious, and the bonds so instant that one of the connections that is happening seems to be a looser definition of what a “Friend” is.  We may be more open to calling someone we just met a friend, because on-line we are calling folks we have never met, friend.  The age of personal technology is causing a revolution, but what revolution?  I am sure you have some ideas, as the entire internet seems to be “calling it” something. But I am not convinced. A revolution is afoot and I am interested in being a part of how it unfolds. Now I barely know how to use all that technology, though in order to keep up, I am trying, but with as little as I know about it, and as much as I know about creativity, there is something happening and the revolution is being televised.
A revolution as decribed by the dictionary:

revolution |ˌrevəˈloō sh ən|
1 a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. See note at uprising .
• ( the Revolution) the American Revolution.
• (often the Revolution) (in Marxism) the class struggle that is expected to lead to political change and the triumph of communism.
• a dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people’s ideas about it : marketing underwent a revolution.
2 an instance of revolving : one revolution a second.
• motion in orbit or a circular course or around an axis or center.
• the single completion of an orbit or rotation.
I was wondering if you could visit my Facebook so we could Twitter our ideas to the world one pixel at a time, visit our Delicious for the daily menu and ning our bling to everyone, and at the end we could visit myspace, then stay in Constant Contact?
Ultimately, I am awed the technology and possibilities – the profound movement of the people towards peace, and connectivity, and all the tools we now have to help make it all happen. And it is fun learning how to speak in new languages, discovering the way things like technology and paint converse!

Blessings on your day!