Stars in their Hair

Dancing in the Miracle

Stars In Their Hair

I am the dancer who dances between the worlds
I am the hands that hold
scepter and sword and scroll
I have the feet that wear
red high heels
motorcycle boots
I am the juicy playful one
and also
She Who Must Be Obeyed

I am a creator of beauty
and a destroyer of lies
I am the
Resurrector of Broken Dreams

do not underestimate my gifts

you who seek to change
The World – Your Mind

taste that desire
swallow it whole

even when you do not know
what to look for
I will show you
the way to the window
in the cosmos

listen now…

your dream is neither
perfect nor pure

do not subject yourself
to these futile
judgements, riddles,
rules and get-it-right-conformity

trust not in the dream’s form as you now understand it

for then you limit possibility
and it is not the way of woman to follow the formula exactly
we expand and contract
we do not hold and bind
the form of our gift changes
moment by moment
breath by breath
sound by sound line by line
sooner trust your
wildest unruly spark
rubbing up against your
most lovely aspiration
than  the
shoulda coulda wouldas
that threaten to undo ya

it is here, this moment
that your rough stone
burns itself into a diamond

let your curiosity
get the best of you

these are things
only discussed among women
and don’t tell too much
too soon – first
let your light get stronger
nurture, cultivate, grow
your gift
and in time
the parts that do not serve
will be severed away
and the parts that do will glow with all the radiance of destiny

it is now that we begin
to dance in the sacred ways
back and forth between worlds
come, let us go now
so we can be there
for the parting of the veil

the women hovering
between the two worlds
will be our faithful guides
you will know them by the
stars in their hair

All Rights Reserved, Shiloh Sophia McCloud

From the book, She Dances Between the Worlds

Circa 2003