Sharing My Yoga Mat

Yesterday at Yoga there was a determined little bug that wanted to share my my yoga mat. I continued to blow on him, flick him, and otherwise send the little winged one away from my downward dog. He was sort of red and brown with wings he was not using even when flying through the air because of me.  I did not want to cause dead bug pose to occur to early, and I don’t kill little bugs – even though I do eat meat.  We all have our little hold outs. Any how, after about the seventh time of losing my balance because of him, I tried one last time and thought, if he comes back this time I am going to let him.  So he made a bee line, or is it a bug line, right back for my mat, and promptly crawled into a pool of my sweat. An oasis that he must have seen from a far off. So for the rest of the time me and the bug, who continued to visit the newest sweat spa pools as I created them…spent the morning sharing my my mat. When my face was down there I just made sure not to do a nose dive into his experience.  We made it all the way through, and by the time dead bug pose came, he was gone and so was the sweat. He knew what he wanted. And so do I. Head for the shimmering pool of abundance right in front of you and don’t stop even when you get pushed away by a force a million times your size, unless of course, it is God. But then it won’t be a simple flick away, more like a flying off into a another dimension. Bless this day. AMEN. And since it is earth day, bless all the little bugs. And I am sorry, very sorry, that each time I drive my car, I kill your family. It is my least favorite reason to drive.