My story: a development process

I am finally making an attempt to write down a little of my story, and the story of the birth of the Cosmic Cowgirls! It is an interesting process, to say the least!!  My attempts feel fragile and even a bit feeble as words seem to fail me in recording what seems like such a powerful legend.  Like trying to capture glitter in a photograph, you can see that it sparkles, but you cannot see the shine. But I know it is possible, so here is a first attempt!

My work is all about encouraging women in the creation of personal legend. To live their life within the context of what is possible for them – and to use creativity as a tool to access and manifest those possibilities. I founded a woman and girl owned publishing company in 2006 with $200 and a handful of ideas. 25 founding Mamas joined me and we launched our tribe, Cosmic Cowgirls with a heart full of love.

Our business has the heart of a non-profit, because we are committed to service, but part of our goal was to provide work for women, so we went with a the LLC model. Cosmic Cowgirls is a woman and girl owned publishing and production house featuring positive multi-media. We have now published 3 new books, and have included my previous 5 titles. The books are unique, they are illustrated workbooks designed as healing tools. Our books deal with topics that women are challenged by, and may need guidance and support to heal from. For example, a book on recovering from the loss of a child is coming out in May, our Alzheimers Caregivers book launched this month, our recovery from alchohol addiction will be out 2010, and we published this September, Heart of the Visionary, a workbook for women entrepreneurs. Our books are used in colleges, recovery centers, women’s shelters, hospitals, aids centers, cancer recovery groups and in settings where there is healing work going on. Oh yes, and this fall, a teen girls rights of passage book will be released called Speaking My Truth.

Our company, Cosmic Cowgirls is a member owned LLC, with 140 members, with plans for 5000. Our books and our company are a collaboration created by our membership base, who are committed to creating a legacy for their women and girl family members. For example, we plan to meet for 100 years… We ask ourselves, how would girls lives be different if they were raised in a culture where they were valued from the start, where their art and words and voice were considered vital to the unfolding of the world? Very different. The children of Cosmic Cowgirls are getting a different kind of education, both at home, and through using our books, and participating in our events. While the investments of the Ownership are not based in an immediate financial return – we are creating abundance, and a legacy for our grandchildren. I was raised by women entrepreneurs, my grandmother and my mother – and have carried on that tradition by making my living selling “art” and my own teachings for over ten years. We have not had funding, and have built our business one dollar at a time – always believing that we could make something transformational happen, like a book, or a conference for women with SARK or a greeting card line with Alice Walker, or a visionary day with Marc Allen, all with exactly what we had: a visionary heart.

I have been working with women in the healing arts for over ten years and I have a little school with my teaching curriculum which is offered at least twice a month. Therapists, healers, doctors and other professionals send their clients to me to take their work into the creative realm, to activate right and left brain, and to bring awareness to their perceptions of themselves, their own image. The process I teach, empowers women to work with their own image, body and spiritual, to bring about a revolution in consciousness in how they relate to themselves. I have worked with thousands of women – and they have been inspired to take action in their life with everything from self esteem to visionary business. I work with teen girls, and rights of passage.

All of this work is with the hope for healing and transformation around women and girls, and their perceptions of themselves.

Mission Statement

The Cosmic Cowgirls envision a world where the voices of women and girls are heard and valued.

Our mission is to inspire a creativity movement and provide a platform for voices for transformation to be expressed and shared.
Our member owned tribe teaches and produces educational multi-media tools that are designed to promote a vision of wellness, compassion and empowerment for women and girls.

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