Be Art – What does it mean to live life according to personal legend?

Be Art

Image and Quote by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

What does it mean to BE ART? To choose to live ones life according to one’s personal legend? To not back down and act too normal? To choose to continue to explore into the depths of self, murky though they may be, to discover what is there…right underneath the buttefly frock and the angel wings and the red cowgirl boots and the skin tight purple dress one might find some depths of self longing to be discovered. Coming out of the closet, what does it mean? Perhaps it means that we are finally willing to show up as who we really are.  How wonderful could that be? How wonderful could we be if we stopped hiding and starting reaching in and reaching out and calling in and calling out – “who lives in here?” That is a quote from my teacher,Sue Hoya Sellars.