Spirited Woman Interview




As most of you know, we have a very talented Spirited Woman Blogger Team, and our creative arts’ blogger, Naila Francis, found Shiloh Sophia McCloud on the internet and e-mailed me and wrote, “If Shiloh isn’t a Spirited Woman, then I don’t know who is.” And I agreed. 100%. 1000%. All you have to do is look at her magnetic picture.

I later found out, Shiloh Sophia McCloud is an amazing woman. She lives in Healdsburg, California, which is the Sonoma County wine and art country. with her husband and soul mate of 15 years (or perhaps lifetimes), Isiah McCloud. Painter, author, publisher, igallery owner, workshop leader, spiritual mama, creative visionary, and the ultimate “Cosmic Cowgirl,” Shiloh leads a life filled with intense passion.

Also a renogade, she says, “I actually went through several years of college, focusing in art and psychology. Once in art school, I felt I was losing my own creativity and identity, and so, I quit and moved to a tiny cabin on a mountain and learned to paint from one of our family matriarchs, Sue Hoya Sellars  My education comes from being in community with the powerful women I was raised with, and the phenomenal women who make up my team now. I was 22 when I moved to the mountain and began working with the wild woman, as well as the sacred woman within me.”

In her fascinating interview, I believe you will find this woman’s advocate to be a force to be reckoned with. Go Shiloh!

Q.  You mention on your site that you had an epiphany that led you to this new path – what was it?
A.  I am not sure which epiphany you are specifically referring to, so, I will give one a try. Once I moved to the mountain, I woke up to two things which have shaped my life from that moment forward. And yes it was a mountain top experience. I was literally standing atop a mountain, looking out over hundreds of acres of gorgeous green, and praying. Through this and a series of other eye opening events, I “woke up” to the status of women in the world, as well as to the lack of the Divine Feminine in our lives. These two realizations led me into my art making journey – which I decided at that time would be dedicated to the healing of women. I was very sparked to work toward ending abuse against women, and to provide information about what is actually happening to women and girls in the world.

After many years of action, practice, study and service, my work has crystalized into teaching, painting and publishing. My own relationship to the Divine Feminine was cultivated during this time, and because of that I still have a very deep connection with Mama Mary, I feel it was her presence which inspired me to work on behalf of others. All_choices

Q.  Shiloh, if you had to describe yourself in one or two sentences, how do you perceive yourself?
A.  I am a visionary artist and teacher dedicated to the healing of women and the awakening of the heart. I am often called the Art Doctor, or Minister of Sacred Arts, because my  ministry focuses on the medium of creativity as a spiritual practice and a path of healing.

Q. Have you always been a visionary or shall we say a deep creative essence?

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