Causing Conversation Cafe, with my mom

Mama and MeConversation Cafe:  Share an intentional meal with a chosen conversation topic with someone super special, like your mama!!!

My mom and I are best friends. Here we are at North Beach Pizza. My mom and like to go out to share a special
meal and pick a topic of great importance to us, or the world, like solving world hunger, or how to make a women’s
business paradigm, or how to chronicle the legends or our ancestors, or what do people really need and want today,
or what the importance of art or creativity is in our lives, or other topics solving the mysteries of the
universe.  We dedicate the entire meal to that conversation, and try to come up with actions steps we can take,
or write about in our poetry or paint about in paintings.  This brings so much laughter and togetherness and we take turns choosing the topics.
We even do it at the family dinner table on holidays – and it gets everyone talking about things they don’t usually talk about together,
like what they are grateful for!  One of the reasons our conversations are so important to me is because
I work with so many women, and have launched so many projects that have been inspired by my conversations
with my mom.

Your rock mama!