Llamar o tocar a la puerta – Teach us the song that opens

I am

calling upon the name

the very sound that opens the door

to the world inside

where the miracles mend and knot

endless red threads for me

where that which is known

and unknown kindle each other’s flaming

where that which the Divine

has planted

that which I am here to be

and know

not needing a single more


of time or money or kin or purpose

in order to reach inside and

pull forth shining strands of truth

I reach

I call

I push

I press

I seek

I pray

I hold

I bless

I cry

I trust

in the unknown unresolved unspoken

I believe that which is good

is my religion

that which seeks to heal

and hold and bless

and anoint

that which seeks to mend the tattered

souls within us

that which is called toward

beauty and shuns that which

no longer serves

that wildsih nature

at the center of our personal


answers me back

she does not tell me to

trust or perform

she only tells me three words:

listen. wait. watch.

and so that is what I do

Lady lady lady of the red thread

turn these wisps of despair

into a great shawl so I

might put it upon the shoulders

of those

who do not know how to ask for you

who do not know how to call upon

the name of the door

open our doors, oh Lady

teach us the song which opens

“llamar o tocar a la puerta”

means literally to play upon the instrument of the name in order to open the door.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes