#99 Deep on the List of Love Levels: Making A Home For Love

Part One: Making a home for love to live

We need to make ourselves
into a place where love can live.
Our hearts must become
the humble abode of grace.
How else can we make welcome
the knock at the door?
Either the door of our hearts
or the door of our home?
Mired in the fear of losing
what we have
and compromising what
we are yet to acquire…
We build shelter to keep
what we have

Meanwhile, risking many things,
truly lasting and important.
Jesus reminds us that those
who seek to save their life
will lose it.
(hmmm??? What does that mean?)

This mystical admonition is lost
on our sensible minds
who focus so much on saving.
Saving our lives (hoarding even)
But saving what?
What do we have here
that is real and true
if not our love?
I am not speaking of romantic
love, or love of stuff or that
which is on the surface of love.
We need 100 more words for love
and the love I am speaking of
lives at #99 deep on the list of levels.
It is the love which makes
possible what Jesus spoke of:
The peace that passes understanding

Which makes possible,
a home for love to live.

Part Two: Shaping Our Hearts

These gifts of the spirit he has promised
are always and ever present and possible
and therefore, life with him is
ever present and possible
but when we do not love,
with the love that is #99 deep
we don’t
EXPERIENCE that peace
because who we are
is not a PLACE where that kind of
spiritual substance can find somewhere
to land in us.
It is not withheld from us,
God’s all abiding ever present love.
And it is not about good works either.
It is about our spiritual presence.
HOW we are being
WHO we are being
that makes possible
to dwell with us.
Arriving at the address,
Level #99 LOVE
is not something
we earn or store up
though it may take practice to sustain even
knowing it exists (thought we all suspect)
It is something that happens
to us
through us
it is not possible in isolation
because it is about being together
so we can practice loving.
How can we shape our hearts,
our very lives, into the location of
God’s love?
We keep blaming Him/Her for
allowing all this suffering
blaming Him/Her for even
setting things up this way…
so that we could fall so hard
and so long
but what good does that do us?

Part Three: Where Forgiveness Lives

What good does it do, to
blame God and yet do little to understand
how God’s love lives here on earth.
God’s love lives here on earth through us.
God’s power is expressed here on earth through us.
We are the palm of God’s hands
pressed against the fever of humanity
clapping in rhythm to hymns of gratitude
even in the midst of trial.
This conversation I am having
right now
is not about getting it right
or even being good
it is about shaping ourselves
into the heart of the Most High
so that we might make a place
for the most low to find pasture.
Sometimes you will find me
sitting with Wisdom at the gate
of #99 Love, Any City, Planet Earth
and sometimes I will be at #1 again
in base emotional turmoil
rebellion at all that seems unjust
to my limited mind
thankfully, like all levels of love
we never stay in one place for
and before I know it
I am visiting another address deep
Like #23, where forgiveness lives and welcomes
us with open arms
Or like #42 where humility dwells and requires
total stillness upon entry
Or like #82 where love of our enemy opens the door
to our own mean spiritedness and invites us inside.
Or sometimes back to #2, where it occurs to us,
There is someone else besides us that is also
hungry mad and feeling doomed and we
feel a twinge of concern for someone we have never met.
It is not really like levels of reward. Just that
There are so many places in Love to live
and yet we find ourselves thinking
there is not enough, we are not enough
and God has not made enough available but it is not true.

Part Four: Being The Presence of God

God has made possible all the resources we need.
It is we who have not made use of them in the
way they were intended.
This is not a guilt sandwich
although it may be a menu of reckoning
take your pick of our crimes that go on seemingly
How will all this suffering end?
Will we wait for God to save us?
Or will we BE the presence of God, in the lives of
others? In our own life?
I cannot find my way sometimes
past the first layers of love.
But having visited #99 from time to time
I know it exists
and upon spending time there
I am changed.
and others are changed
with me and
we have memory of a love so deep
so profound that it won’t let us go.
We can no longer, ‘not know’
that God lives at every single address
at every single layer and
is there waiting for us
every single second!
In this life, so focused on “getting”
the best “get” of all for our lives
is lost on us because we do not
understand that perfect love
is not always the absence of suffering.
At least right now.
It is through our LOVE of ONE ANOTHER
that we live in the heart of God.
Jesus did not say that because we needed
to do it so that he would love us (that too)
but because of WHO WE WOULD BECOME
in participating in God’s LIFE ON EARTH through love.
Words fail to express my longing
to express the bliss and pain
and careful art making available as we journey
through all the layers of love available
each day in which questions of loving
exist is my imperfect offering.