Oh Holy Lady – Prayer for Seeing Clearly

Circle of Two ©2009 Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Circle of Two ©2009 Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Oh Holy Lady

Bless us this day with your presence

Show us the way through the hard to see places

Anoint us with the oil for far seeing

Grant us acess through the murky depths

of self doubt, self shame and self blame

Liberate us from that which binds

but does not serve

We need to see clearly today

so that we might approach the work in front of us

in humble appreciation

for it’s value

and let us add value to others

by bringing our value in whatever we create

clear the path

Oh Holy Lady

bring eucalyptus and sage

bring bowls of clear broth

bring flowers of dogwood and hyacinth

speak to our Angels on our behalf

swirl your red thread of wisdom through our minds

cleaning clearing sorting sifting singing

into the open spaces

be gone indecision! be gone no action!

be gone neglect! be gone ineffectiveness!

show us how to move the mountain

so that we might,

with bended knee and open heart

approach the mystery of being

and seeing


Your daughter,