Dreading Downward Dog

I definitely have my moments of dreading downward dog – you always know it is going to come back again, like a dog
comes back for it’s bone. Mostly because my hat falls of (not really) but because I don’t like the
name. I think something more romantic like “making a bridge” or “she makes a bridge” or
“spanning the worlds” or “building a dream”.

Imagine if the yoga teacher were to say,
now we are going to “build a dream” instead of back into “downward dog” which sounds more like
option number #82 in the sex guide for dummies.  Not to mention the name probably came
from India where dogs are not exactly the favorite animal. Why not, Holy Cow instead?
Mental note to myself : 1. research origin of downward dog. 2. program yourself to think:
“build a dream” next time you hear the words: downward dog.