Cosmic Creativity Studio – taking a moment to de-stress…

Entering the Cosmic Creativity Studio any where I am gives me a mini-vacation.
I am always writing a book. I have at least three places where I keep notes for that book so
I almost always have access to something to write on, even if it is a napkin.  Since I am always
in the process – I can just drop into a story line at anytime and begin taking notes. I don’t do it
in order, so if I don’t remember where I was last time I make up a new character, who is a poet
or topless dancer, and most likely, both.  I write from her voice. Eventually all the pieces will come together as “THE BOOK”
but in the meantime, entering my Cosmic Creativity Studio at any time does two de-stressing things:

1. Reminds me that I am not my life, my life is me, and I am working on things I want to even in betwixt
all the other stuff, in other words, I remember my personal legend as a writer, which is profoundly destressing
as it makes all the other stuff, seem not as important.

2. Writing something I like, literally, physically and mentally breaks the loop of stress, and how it runs
through my body by switching to my right brain left brain creative mode. I literally “forget” for a few
minutes what I was stressing about – and I enter a new realm, one I am creating and that I am in control of.

Thing is – like any practice the more we do it the more we get better at it!  That is why I am always
advocating creativity – and why I am sometimes called, The Art Doctor because I think creativity is
a cure for everything!