Life As Art

Me in my art studio

Me in my art studio

What does it mean to live a creative life? To make the day to day into something more than ordinary? How often do we find ourselves thinking, is this all there is?

Well the exciting news is – there is more! YAHOOO! What would need to be happening in your life for you to say…My approach to live is creative. Or I live a very exciting existence. Or, I am art! Or I am very creative. Let’s stop right now and imagine it…

Did you do it? What did you think of? As we all know, SEEING it helps it to come to life IN our life.

The thing is, we really can have more creative vitality right now without changing anything physical in our life – at first. Because of course, it starts with our own thoughts. Our headset and our heartset. How we THINK about what IS in our lives. A lot of times, any free space we have to actually THINK is taken up with so much to do and so many stories of the past and so many endlessly looping thought patterns that a moment of stillness is the last thing on our minds!

Creativity. What does it look like feel like taste like sound like? It doesn’t take hardly any time and it doesn’t cost a thing. It is something FREE that means EVERYTHING to the quality of our lives. Does this sound like a riddle? It is and it isn’t. We can make caring about a more creative existence a part of our daily life – we can create an actual pattern over time which weaves into our days and works into our relationships. In it’s simplest form, it is an “approach” to life that liberates creative expression.

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth. RUMI

Creative Action#1: A Chosen Approach

CHOOSE: Pick a place in your morning that happens every day.
(Example: like when you first wake up, when you brush your teeth, when you get on the bus, get in your car, take your first sip of coffee)

ACTION: Choose the creative approach to your day. For each thing that occurs to you – or that you put forth – how will you be about it? Pick ONE word or sentence.
(Example: I will choose to come from generosity, love, kindness, open heartedness)

EVALUATE: Pick a place in your night that happens every day. Then evaluate how you did or did not stick to your approach. Then let it go. And try again the next day.

If you stick with it you will begin to notice the absolutely powerful and profound ways that life becomes art and our ability to make transformation happen is available all the time. It isn’t about getting it right or doing it good. It is about trying. About choosing ourselves again. About choosing to be a spirited woman no matter what!

How do you bring more vitality or creativity into your life? Share it with us..