The Heart of Things

Listen my dear
and you will hear
A song of love to kiss your ear
So many cruel words in this cold world
I’ll make a cloak of kind words
to cover my precious girl.
©2009 Isaiah McCloud
Precious Girl: Song For Shiloh
Dear Ones,
This love note is going to be short and sweet. The challenges that most all of us are facing right now are bringing us back to center

To what matters. To what we really care about. To what is important. To what we want. To the heart of things.

Some things in my world are as hard as they have ever been – but some things are sweeter than ever. Like my relationships with the people I love – and most especially – my beloved husband, Isaiah McCloud. We have been married now for over fourteen years – and despite all the bumpiness along the way we are more connected right now than ever before.
Certainly, God is a big ole’ part of that process, as we recently recommitted to a faith walk that truly embraces both of who we are.  But in addition to that – our closeness is about conversation.  About cafe.  About being real with each other. About reaching in.
About giving up being right. Letting go of old stories. Of framing eachother.
We are inviting new ways of being – choosing to start over as often as it takes.
And hold each other closely.

So I invite all of us, right now, to commit to more profound loving. Certainly Valentine’s day has become commercialized  – but – you know what – I am grateful for a break in the month of February, where having things like pink hearts, roses, red glitter and chocolate is a part of my day as I walk about my little village of Healdsburg. I certainly don’t need an excuse to be more loving – or romantic – but I like more of a reason – a climate where love is being considered. I think February needs it. I need it. And we can do with it what we want to – resist or play. That is why Isaiah and I are having Valentine’s painting party, a day spent in creativity. This is often what we do on special days – we be creative together and so we are sharing it with others for the first time! I send you blessings this day – whether you are with a loved one or alone – love is the ultimate practice of our lives. Is there something we can do that would awaken our heart to let more love in right now?  Sometimes, that starts with an apology and an acknowledgement of ways we have not been as loving as we would like. So what if we said sorry  – I am wrong. Or, I want so much to be more loving and I don’t know how – will you try this with me?
I just know -that through asking the questions about how to open the heart –
the heart opens. And blooms…
In love,
You Are Home To Me ©2008 Shiloh Sophia McCloud