The Courage to Love

May we find comfort
when we feel discouraged.
May we reach out for each other’s hands
when we feel alone.
May we find the courage to love
even when we feel it is a risk.
Most of the time, truly loving, is a risk.
And well worth it.
May we find the sweet cup of forgiveness
so we can be set free.
May we create space to
make love
make art
make music
make good food
make tiny gardens
make writings
make relationships work
make possibilities
come to life.
May we make conversations happen
about what is important.
About loving.
True work.
Growing closer relationships.

Let’s talk about…
Finding abundance when we only have a little.
Giving when we don’t feel we have to give.
Living, when we don’t feel like living.
Reaching out, and reaching in, when we are tired.
Giving bountifully to ourselves when we are able.
Believing that we are held in the heart of the Divine.
That Creator is Love.
Let’s talk about giving up our bad attitudes.
Giving up our need to be right. Surrendering.
Going forward
when we feel like turning back.
Going deeper in our compassion. Our loving.
Our dreams. Our visions.
This all takes courage.
We all know that.
But sometimes, it feels like it “takes” to much.
What is it all for?
Who has not asked that question?
Right now,
I ask another question:
Who is it all for?
It is for us. For each other.
For our children. For our future.
For our Creator. For our earth.
We continue because it is for every one of us,
and each of our lives can contribute
to every single other one of us.
(When you think of the “who”
the “what” makes more sense).

And so in this moment,

Let us find the courage to love
and share it with our loved ones.
There is joy here,
and peace.
And possibility.
And good feelings.
And inspiration.
L O V E.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud 2008