To Be Wonderful

To Be Wonderful

I have heard
that there are some
who do not condone others being wonderful.
Have you ever felt…not seen?

I have heard that sometimes,
we do not want others to shine.
Don’t listen to those who are light dimmers.
Beware of those who think being small
is somehow being appropriate.
It is not always appropriate to be appropriate.
Have you ever felt
not quite yourself around some folks?
Why is it that
to be wonderful
is not supported by everyone?
Do you ever feel like your being a success,
or just being happy
appears to be threatening to others?
Even those who love you. (And they really do)

I have even heard
the words: “healthy competition”
to explain meanness or pettiness amongst us.
I don’t buy it.
I think it is only when we feel small ourselves
that we have a need to make others feel not so tall.

What if we sought to lift one another up?
What if our way of being included
truly wanting to help others shine?
How do you think that would feel?
What if our culture was based on
leading legendary lives and
encouraging others to do the same?
I am not speaking of pride, or self importance.
I am speaking about living a life where
to be wonderful
is encouraged.
Supported. Called forth.
What if you could
be as wonderful as you feel like being?
Be as big as you want to be,
be as bright as a shining star,
and what if you did not
have to apologize for being blessed?

That would feel good.
The Holy One of All Creation
has endowed us each with
unimaginable beauty of one kind or another.
So we cannot allow others to tell us it isn’t so.
Sometimes we spend a lifetime
learning “I am enough.”
But we already are—
someone tried to tell us we were not.
It is a lie.
We are more than enough.
To be wonderful isn’t something just for special people
because each of us is special.

Times are not so easy right now.
Even if things are okay with you,
they may not be okay with your neighbor,
and so being wonderful might seem, well…
outrageous. And it is.
But I say, if you can be wonderful,
if you can have whole wonder-filled moments,
or hours, or days,
PLEASE! Do it! For all of our sakes.
Shine your bright light my sisters and brothers!

To be wonderful
is a combination of choosing
to let your light shine
and nurturing that light in it’s natural cycle
of waxing and waning.
It is nice if someone sees it—and even says something
like, “My! How nicely you glow.”
But if they don’t,
the Holy One sees it.
And you can see it. If you choose to.
And for what it is worth,
I think
You Are Wonderful.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud ©2008